How liquid is the Siafund token?

We intend to treat Siafunds as “restricted” securities under  U.S.  securities laws. Under these laws, restricted securities cannot be resold or transferred by investors without an exemption from the registration requirements of the SEC. In order to ensure that investors will comply with these restrictions, the Siafunds sold in this Tokenized Securities Offering will not be delivered to investors for at least one year after the closing of the Auction.

In addition, after the Siafunds are issued to investors, the Siafunds will be subject to contractual holding and transfer restrictions under a purchase agreement that investors will sign in connection with the auction. Specifically, Siafunds can only be held by and transferred to “accredited investors” as defined in the Regulation D of the Securities  Act of 1933, as amended. We hope, but we cannot guarantee, that the new token securities exchanges (e.g. T0, Templum, GBX) will be able to list Siafunds in a manner that allows us and our investors to sell and purchase Siafunds while complying with federal and state securities laws in the United States.

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